Our Beginning

GROWPIPES – Leading the Way in Sustainable Vertical Farming

Since our establishment in 2021, GROWPIPES has been at the forefront of transforming vertical farming, both indoors and outdoors. Fueled by a vision to maximize space efficiency, our founders embarked on a journey to redefine the industry. Unhappy with existing prototypes due to their maintenance challenges, our Swedish team collaborated with hydroponics experts and a dedicated product design team to create an innovative and efficient solution.

What sets us apart is our highly adaptable system, often described as ”lego for greens.” This patented and efficient system allows for easy adjustment to any height and seamless disassembly for efficient cleaning after harvest, making it a user-friendly and scalable choice for optimal cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors.
At GROWPIPES, our vision extends beyond innovation – we aim to shift vertical farming from a high-end product to a more accessible and sustainable offering for everyone, regardless of the cultivation environment. Actively seeking collaborations and projects worldwide, we are committed to normalizing vertical farming technology.

Join us in embracing the future of agriculture with GROWPIPES, where innovation,
sustainability, and collaboration converge to shape a greener tomorrow,
both indoors and outdoors.

Our Team

Our team embodies a wealth of expertise and skills, ranging from extensive hydroponic farming experience to invaluable insights into optimizing production efficiency and resource conservation. Our structural engineers showcase mastery in design, prototyping, and molding tools, ensuring seamless operations. 

Our contribution to sustainable development

M2 and M1 Cleaner Cultivation: We want to prevent pollution and contribute to cleaner land and water, through cultivation where less/no use of chemicals is needed. We will use resources in a responsible manner by, for example, reusing water and thus save on water consumption. In addition, our products have a long lifespan and are produced as sustainably as possible.​

R5 A good force around the world: As a business with connections to developing countries, we need to think about how to influence through the entire value chain, and have extra control over situations where the risk of violating human rights increases. We will identify risk situations and choose partners with sound values ​​and in whom we have confidence.

K3 Sustainable consumption with less water: Our solutions enable the production of nutritious food, with almost no waste. By placing the systems locally, close to the customer, you avoid long transports and make it easier for consumers to buy locally grown, and products that otherwise could not even be grown on site.​

S4 and S7 For better societies: GROWPIPES contributes to society by developing and spreading smart solutions that move society forward and reduce the climate burden. We contribute to sustainable community investments and to the technology becoming available locally in places where it would otherwise not be possible to grow.​

Veetical Farming Systems

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