Seeds for vertical farming

Vertical Hydroponics

How it works

Nutrient film technique

Our patented solution operates as a closed vertical NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system, where nutrient-rich water circulates with the aid of a water pump.

Growpipes vertical farming pipe cross-section view

This cross-sectional view of two sections highlights the system, featuring a 30 cm root space, and integrated with our top lid and connector/root stopper.

Growpipes vertical farming pipe

This top-down view illustrates the two-channel pipe, showcasing plant holders fitted with integrated water slides and ventilation holes to enhance air circulation around the plants.

vertically grown microgreens

Vertically grown paprika

Vertically grown lettuce

Vertically grown flowers

vertically grown leafy greens

vertically grown leafy greens

vertically grown leafy greens

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